245 MPGe

Edison2 won the Mainstream Class of the 2010 Automotive X Prize with an early E85 (ethanol and gasoline) prototype Very Light Car (VLC) demonstrating a capability of 102.5 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent of gasoline). Their newer electric four-passenger concept car recently achieved 244.8 MPGe in the robust EPA 5-cycle efficiency test at an EPA certified lab. Next-generation consumer prototypes are currently under build and testing. Most importantly, Edison2 has achieved a 2.5X reduction in the energy required to move a four passenger car. This has far-reaching implications.

244.8 MPGe…Is that for real?  Put on your thinking caps and dive into the detailed results at this link. For the math whizzes out there, you can bet your pocket protector these numbers are legit.

Edison2’s automotive breakthroughs in suspension design, force management, mechanical efficiency and aerodynamics enable next-generation vehicle solutions that address timely issues: sustainable transportation, reduced consumption, affordable efficiency, viable industry & opportunity for developing countries, etc.

A quick overview of Edison2’s approach to light weighting

A tour of the incredibly challenging Automotive Xprize