Spaceport Colorado


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An excellent overview of our aerospace economy:

Mark Udall:

“Colorado is an ideal hub for a spaceport – we are home to the nation’s second-largest aerospace industry, a well-educated workforce, and a large technology business sector. This competitive grant [FAA $200k spaceport feasibility study] will support Colorado’s advances in the way we travel in space, and will help grow economic opportunities and well-paying jobs for Coloradans.”

Michael Bennet: 

“Having a spaceport in Denver will make Colorado a leader in space travel and solidify our reputation as a pioneer in the 21st century innovation economy. It will bring jobs to our state and fuel economic development and scientific research. This effort has been an ‘all hands on deck’ approach and I’m proud to partner with leaders throughout the state to work on making this dream a reality.”

Tom Clark: CEO of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation

“Commercial space transportation is a rapidly-growing industry sector, and as the nation’s second-largest private sector aerospace economy, Colorado is already playing a leading role in the commercialization of human spaceflight. We see Spaceport Colorado as a key driver for bringing a wide array of spaceflight-related business to our state, including spacecraft development and manufacturing, advanced scientific research, and crew training.”